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Nadia (Includes DPS & Opti Version)

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Nadia, what a Dangerous Woman ♡

♡ 10 Hair Styles; 3 ponytails that each have 3 bang options, and a long hair.
♡ 5 Outfit and Boot Colors;
Black, Red, Baby Blue, Beige, White
♡ 9 Hair Colors;
Ombre, Brown, Blonde, Black, White, White to Blue, White to Red, Pink, Red
♡ Hueshift;
on colored clothing, colored hair, and eyes
♡ DPS: Mouth, L Hand, R Hand, Pxssy, Ass, Breast
♡ Contact Recievers: Headpat; when you headpat Nadia she makes a delighted facial expression and heart particles emit from her head, Ass Slap; both ass cheeks make a sound and leave a red hand print for two seconds after being struck, Choke Marks; When Nadia's throat is held a red hand print remains for two seconds after then interaction, LEWD; when a finger is near Nadia's sweet spot, an opening blend shape activates and immediately closes when finger is away.

Full Version toggles; Hair Styles Slider: 3 Pony Tails that can all combine with 3 Bangs, and a long hair, Hair Colors Slider; Ombre, Brown, Blonde, Black, White, White to Blue, White to Red, Pink, Red; Mask (Hair Tucked), Mask (Hair untucked), Mask OFF, Choker 1, Choker 2, Bra, Panties, Pasties, Bracelets, Necklaces, Harness, Skirt, Thigh Boots, Ankle Boots, Barefeet, Nail Length, Hair Hue, Skintones, Bodysuit Sheer, Bodysuit Latex, Gloves, Fishnets, Booba Size, Clothing Colors;Black, Red, Baby Blue, Beige, White, Clothing Hue, Eye Shape, Gauges, Boot Colors, Eye Colors, Eye Hue, Body Jewelry, Crop in Hand, Crop on Leg, Crop OFF, Hair Emission, Makeup, Contacts OFF, Bloom Strength, Boot Hue, Nail Colors, DPS; Mouth, L Hand, R Hand, Pxssy, Ass, Breast

Opti Toggles: Clothing Colors;Black, Red, Baby Blue, Beige, White, Hair Colors Slider; Ombre, Brown, Blonde, Black, White, White to Blue, White to Red, Pink, Red, Fishnets, Booba Size, Nakey, Eye Shape, Eye Colors, Eye Hue, Hair Hue, Clothing Hue, Makeup Slider

This project was made in VCC, so please use that for uploading! After creating the project in the VCC, IF DPS is desired, import DPS now, then import poi_Toon_7.3.50_To_8.1.155, import Nadia unity package, click on Nadia folder, click on the Nadia scene, make sure your desired prefab is turned on and upload through VRCSDK!

Nadia may NOT be public in any shape or form. This includes uploading the model publicly, distributing it to others, and being placed in avatar worlds. Any edit from this model may not be made public nor distributed as all edits must remain private to the buyer. 

Sharing or redistributing the model and its assets is prohibited. This will include redistribution, leaking, trading, and reselling. Sharing with a significant other, friend, family, stranger, websites for uploading files, discord, etc. Distribution of my model and assets outside of my gumroad and dm sales with me (Meowuw#0001), including free model websites, is strictly prohibited. 

Reselling the model or its parts is not allowed. This includes selling the model as a whole, taking assets and textures from the model, and reselling them to individuals, groups, communities, nitro boosting, paid discord server access, and paid gateways. 

You may not claim this model as your own/and or made by you. This includes even after adding assets, removing, heavily editing, retexturing, 

Failure to provide your discord username with numbers, and any other payment field such as VRChat username, will result in permanent bans from my gumroad, discord, and future model/assets made by me. 

You may not buy this model to take these assets for commercial or personal use. All assets must be purchased individually in order to use on any other model. This includes assets from other creators used on this model. All assets from other creators must be bought from the originator before using for separate use as well. 

This model may be used for social media content. Using this model after purchasing for monetary gain on social media such as Instagram, youtube, twitch, and TikTok, is permitted, if asked about the model, please redirect them  to my gumroad page.  

If you are found breaking my rules and terms of service, you will receive a DMCA. Failure to comply with my DMCA will result in further legal action taken against you and others associated. I have full rights to DMCA if you fail to follow the rules and terms of service said above. 

 If found breaking TOS, you will not have the right to a refund for said product.

If the TOS changes in the future, the latest version of TOS will apply to all current, future, and previous models/assets of mine. 

All sales are Final

Special thanks to Zimikat, Mynk, and Marechan for the showcases!
Body: Sugs#9795 (my edit, NO REUSE)
Head: Ragga#3124 (my edit, NO REUSE) Teeth: Sugs#9795
Makeup Textures: marmar#0420 and myself
Body Texture: Default zinfit but heavily edited, no reuse.
Hairs: Bangs 1 and 2, Ponytails 1, 2, and 3: Nessy!#7402 Bangs 3: sleepy#0707
Choker, Necklaces, Pasties: Lolo#5454
Sheer Bodysuit: loki#3000
Latex Bodysuit: Miriloo#8133
Bra and Panties: Sugs#9795 (Nitro)
Harness and Crop: Tilly#5746
Bracelets: Keir#0001
Body Jewelry: Me and Holoexe
Earrings: Holoexe
Rings: TheIceDragonz#9360
Skirt: Vinuzhka
Nails, Heels, Mask, Gem Choker, Lashes, Brows, Gloves: NO REUSE, heels are on my gumroad, mask will be in nitro soon!

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Nadia (Includes DPS & Opti Version)

33 ratings
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