Miruku (PC&Quest) and Optimized Versions!

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The purpose of this product is to be worn as an avatar in VRChat. The intention of my work is to make people feel beautiful and comfortable in VR. This product is NOT made to be primarily used for inappropriate purposes. If you have any questions about the capabilities of this avatar, please use my server!

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Miruku the Milky Cow

Notable Features:

Full Version:
8 Hair Colors: 2 are hueshiftable
4 Skin tones
5 Eye Colors
Face Changes: Eye shape slider & lip size slider
Cow Plushie: Scalable and world droppable cow plushie :D
Cuddle Me: In accessories menu, Miruku can toggle on a cute sign that she holds in her mouth, it reads "In the MOOOOd for cuddles!"
Raliv System
Milky Mess: A toggle to cover Miruku's body in a familiar milky substance. (shown in last slide, disclaimer; the milk effect looks different in all lighting settings, due to the way the shader was made)
Contact Receivers: Headpat; facial expression with heart and milk particles emitting from the head, Cow Bell; sound activates when bell is touched and while moving around, pxssy touch; when you touch Miruku's kitty, she makes a pleasurable face.

Optimized Version: 8 Hair Colors, Hueshift, 5 Eye Colors, 5 Skin Tones, Eye shape slider, lip size slider

Optimized Version: 8 Hair Colors, Hueshift, 5 Eye Colors, 5 Skin Tones, Eye shape slider, lip size slider

Quest Version: Does NOT include: Hair Straight, Hueshift, Eye Color Swap, Sheer Top and Bottom (incompatible with shaders), Bangs 2 (incompatible), Rings, Leg Garter, Gloves, Plushie.

For PC: Import the latest VRCSDK, (here is where you import Raliv System if desired), Poiyomi 8.0.426, import Miruku unity package, click on Miruku folder, click on the Miruku scene (or MirukuOptimized) and upload through VRCSDK.
NyxOptimized) and upload through VRCSDK.
FOR QUEST: MAKE A NEW PROJECT! Import SDK, then Nyx(Quest) Package, convert build to android, paste blueprint from pc version, and upload for android!
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My Server

Body(MY EDIT, NO RE USE): Pandaabear#9873
Body Textures: Ying#6669
Hair Straight:
Hair Braids (edited):
Female DLC:
Tongue and Drool: OniiGirii#5977
Cow Plushie: wen#4076
Vector Flow Shader: HHEAVENs
Under wear, Harness, Hair Wavy, Bangs, Hoodie, Sweatpants, Heels, Thigh Highs, Tank Top, Sheer Top and Bottoms, Gloves, Rings, Choker, Bell, Leash, Cow Ears Horns and Tail, Nails, Face Texture, Body and Face Jewelry, Cuddle Sign, Glasses: Scratch by Me NO REUSE! (Meowuw#0001)
In game photos by Zimikat <3

( ˘︹˘ )TOS

♡ ; Redistributing, re-selling, or sharing my models is not allowed under any circumstance.

♡ ;If you plan on buying this model for someone, please put their information in when purchasing along with yours.

♡ ;Price splitting or trading is not allowed. Dm me if you need to discuss a lower price.

♡ ;Making any of my models public is not allowed.

♡ ;You may not upload to another account.

♡ ;No refunds under any circumstances.

♡ ;None of the assets on my model may be reused.

♡ ;If you wish to use my model on any platform including but not limited to; TikTok/Youtube/Vtube/Twitch/Pornhub,etc(which allows you to profit off my model.) You must credit my shop with a link (https://meowuw.gumroad.com), somewhere CLEARLY VISIBLE.

♡ ;My models may be used on any social vr platform, as long as all TOS is followed(vrc,neos,cvr+)

♡ ;Only way of obtaining my models is by legally purchasing them through my gumroad (dis page)

♡ ;Please follow these instructions to gift- https://help.gumroad.com/article/89-how-do-i-give-a-product-as-a-gift - make sure to put all the recipients information, not yours.

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Miruku (PC&Quest) and Optimized Versions!

40 ratings
I want this!