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Helena (Physbones + Optimized Version)

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Helena The Dragoness

☽ Key Features ☾

⸸ World droppable pole
⸸ Ass slap with contact from anyones hand!
⸸ Tattoo Toggles
⸸ Toggleable Particles on horns
⸸ 3 Main Mat Swaps (saturated solid, duo chrome, pastel solid)
⸸ Hue shift on anything colored

⸸ And more <3

Major shoutout to Kold (JerseysGhost#7777) for the STUNNNINGGGGG showcase and Melancholy#1144 and pôtato#0818 for being the dancers!

ALSO huge thanks to Yasu#8394 for taking some of the promo images!

Comes with an optimized version for free! (on the optimized version, I decimated the base myself, there are some sharp edges on joints like knuckles, elbows, etc. which is why I'm not charging extra for it!)

Import VRCSDK, import Poiyomi Toon Shaders (I used 7.2.41), Helena unity package; then click on Helena scene and upload through SDK.

( ˘︹˘ )TOS

♡ ; Redistributing, re-selling, or sharing my models is not allowed under any circumstance.

♡ ;If you plan on buying this model for someone, please put their information in when purchasing along with yours.

♡ ;Price splitting or trading is not allowed. Dm me if you need to discuss a lower price.

♡ ;Making any of my models public is not allowed.

♡ ;You may not upload to another account.

♡ ;No refunds under any circumstances.

♡ ;None of the assets on my model may be reused.

♡ ;If you wish to use my model on any platform including but not limited to; TikTok/Youtube/Vtube/Twitch/Pornhub,etc(which allows you to profit off my model.) You must credit my shop with a link (, somewhere CLEARLY VISIBLE.

♡ ;My models may be used on any social vr platform, as long as all TOS is followed(vrc,neos,cvr+)

♡ ;Only way of obtaining my models is by legally purchasing them through my gumroad (dis page)

♡ ;Please follow these instructions to gift- - make sure to put all the recipients information, not yours.
Body: Pandaabear#9873 (do not use my edit)
Head: kri#1214 (do not use my edit)
Body Textures: Ying#6669
Face Textures:
Tongue: 𝕯𝖆𝖉𝖉𝖞 𝕬𝖍𝖗𝖎♡#6969
Nails: Gashina#1960
Hair: Powdur#6808
Horns: Ante#5652
Tattoo Tex: RiggaTony#0001
Elf Ears: Lyte#1551
Bra, panty, skirt: Ressonae#6917  
Arm/leg straps and heels: Nauuki#5353
Pole: -Sage-#1155
Particles: Raivo#3447
Wings: Freya Drake#6666
Tail: Merlin#1584
Short Hair (optimized version): Sugs#9795

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Helena (Physbones + Optimized Version)

49 ratings
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