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Callie Head (PC/QUEST)

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PLEASE have blender or unity experience if you're going to purchase this asset!

This head is made completely from scratch by me, modeled in blender and textured in substance painter and photoshop.

Callie Head Features:

✧ Head Without Piercings: 19,690 tris

✧ Head With Piercings: 39,540

✧ 95 Shape keys!

✧ 6 Face Presets; Happy, Sad, Angy, Lewd, SHEEEESH, Shocked

✧ Comes with my own personal edit as a shape key!

✧ Has shape keys for QUEST COMPATIBLE eyelashes and eyebrows!

✧ Comes with 4 face textures in 7 inclusive skin tones (I showcased 6 but added the 7th between skintone 1 and 2)

✧ Comes with a baby Hairs mask and glitter mask!

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How to merge a head to a body for VRChat: Tutorial here!

When editing any head, be sure to separate or hide the irises, the teeth, the tongue, and piercings, then, once you're done editing, adjust those pieces separately. Those are all meshes that you don't want to be awkwardly deformed.

I personally always edit on a new shape key and then apply that shape key to basis after editing. This way if I mess up, I don't need to reimport the head and I can just make a new shape key.

When importing into UNITY, once you're configuring your humanoid fbx, remove the bone from the jaw slot. This goes for any head with a jaw bone!

The baby hair mask included in the zip is best used in UNITY with poiyomi shaders, by creating a turning on matcap, finding a black matcap or color dropping any matcap to be black, and sliding the "replace blend" slider up to 1.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask in my discord server's unity help section!

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♡ ♡ ♡ If any rules are broken, you are a subject to be taken LEGAL action against according to the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act.)♡ ♡ ♡

♡ Must Credit me properly by providing a link to my Gumroad and Discord (ex: Meowuw)

♡ Asset is allowed on paid models (NO FREE OR PUBLIC MODELS)

Sharing or redistributing assets is prohibited. This will include redistribution, leaking, trading, and reselling. Sharing with a significant other, friend, family, stranger, websites for uploading files, discord, etc. Distribution of my assets outside of my gumroad and dm sales with me (Meowuw#0001), including free model websites, is strictly prohibited. 

Reselling the parts is not allowed. This includes selling the asset as a whole, taking assets and textures, and reselling them to individuals, groups, communities, nitro boosting, paid discord server access, and paid gateways. 

You may not claim this asset as your own/and or made by you. This includes even after adding assets, removing, heavily editing, retexturing, 

Failure to provide your discord username with numbers, and any other payment field such as VRChat username, will result in permanent bans from my gumroad, discord, and future model/assets made by me. 

You may NOT sell this asset on an avatar that costs the same or less than the assets price.

If you are found breaking my rules and terms of service, you will receive a DMCA. Failure to comply with my DMCA will result in further legal action taken against you and others associated. I have full rights to DMCA if you fail to follow the rules and terms of service as said above. 

If the TOS changes in the future, the latest version of TOS will apply to all current, future, and previous models/assets of mine. 

All sales are Final

♡ ♡ ♡ If any rules are broken, you are a subject to be taken LEGAL action against according to the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act.) ♡ ♡ ♡

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The only exception to receiving a refund is if you accidentally purchased an avatar/asset twice.

Last updated Jun 11, 2023

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Callie Head (PC/QUEST)

62 ratings
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